Who are we? We are called ARK


New EVs

Electric Vehicle from Abu Dhabi UAE


Environment friendliness
"green" Fully electric No emission No Smog
Surrounding friendliness
Suited for the cities of the 21st century Low noise No pollution
Ultimate comfort
Electric door Extended safety VIP interio
Panoramic view from all seats
Interior variability
For taxis For business For VIPs
Radical innovative
100% Carbon Composite 100% electric drive
Curved panoramic wind-screen Superior open spac
Category The FALAK
Dimensions (Length x Width x) 4,65 x 1,90 x
Empty weight in kg 1.600
Payload in kg 500
Range in km up to 400
Top speed in km/h 160 (limited)
Emission (well to wheel) real ZERO
Passenger area Larger than
Comfort Larger than
Battery capacity in KWh 63


H.H Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al NahyanPresident‘s nephew

In August 2021, Abu Dhabi's first EV maker "ARK MOTORS AND TECHNOLOGY LLC (abbreviation: ARK MOTORS)" was established by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, the ruler of the UAE and the presidential family of Nahyan.ARK MOTORS aims to be
listed on Nasdaq Dubai in 2024 and
Nasdaq in the United States in 2026.


The EV brand [ARK MOTORS] founded by the
Nahiyan family will be born in the UAE.
  • Ark Motors Grand Launch Event(Vehicle exhibition)

    • Venue:One snd Only ThePALM
    • Number of people:500
    • Media:About 10 to 30 companies including major TV / newspapers

    In addition to the above invitees, Middle Eastern government officials, investment officials, EV officials, trade officials, and media officials will gather.


e-mail : info@arkmotors.tech

Floor no 15, millennium plaza hotel.
Dubai , UAE

ARK is the first EV manufacturer
in the Middle East. Please be excited